I’m Michelle owner of The Design Vault!

I'm a wife and mom of three amazing kids. I know life can be busy, and I also know how it feels to never have enough time in the day. I love walking and hiking to de-stress and I wake up excited every day to create products that help people.
My goal is to help makers and small business owners by creating products that simplify their lives. Managing a family and a business is tough and often feels chaotic. Putting systems in place so there are as many things as possible on auto pilot will give you some time back in your day.
I also love finding ways to improve mindset, with actionable tasks that truly improve our lives. I hope you find some value here and join me on this adventure.
What They Say
Exactly as described, and gorgeous! I've already spent way too much time coloring and not enough time working! 😉 Thanks!
Kate Thompson