Are you ready for your next event? Do you feel like you are always forgetting some detail?

I know exactly how you feel, which is why I created this events planner. 


You don’t have to continue to…

❌ Stress out about missing details

❌Worry about going over budget

❌Be concerned over missing a guest

❌Feel overwhelmed by all the little details that need managing.

With this planner you will…


✅Have a place to brain dump, get those ideas all on paper and out of your head. 

✅Plan your menu, plan your room settings

✅Track the guest list, plan the event timeline, track guest requests

✅Create and track your budget


This 21 page events planner will help you plan your next event. 

It provides space to write your guest lists, brain dump, plan seating and the menu

You’ll even be able to create a budget and stick to it by tracking your spending. 

Once you confirm your email, you’ll receive a link to download your planner PDF. You can use the journal digitally or print it out, at home or at a print shop.