Best PLR Products for Etsy

Best PLR Products for Etsy


I’m just beginning, is PLR right for me?

When starting a new digital products business or creating content for your groups and coaching clients, it can be overwhelming making everything from scratch. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the volume of items I needed in my shop if I had to create everything 100% from scratch. Especially planner pages and things that took a lot of design time. So I looked into PLR and found a couple sites, but the products looked old and not relevant.  I’d basically have to do so much on them it would be quicker to make them from scratch.  I found a few things on Creative Market I liked but the licensing is pretty strict. I did purchase and use some of their products. It was getting pretty expensive though.  That’s when I discovered the best PLR products for Etsy and KDP, which was just what I needed. 


Founders of Secret Weapon PLR

That’s when I found Evelyn Weiss and Jessa Bellman’s Secret Weapon PLR membership I was blown away! Not only are the products relevant and on trend, they are gorgeous as they are. You can resell as templates or end products. The only restriction on the license is that you cannot resell the private label rights. Easily the best license on the market, for the best products out there. The membership has eBooks, planners, niche planners, journals, bundles for specific niches like Youtubers, Network marketers, Business Owners etc. The portal is updated every month with new on trend products. How do they know the trends? The team does the research for you!

How to create digital products that make money?

Included is a five day intense training on making digital products and making a significant income off of them. From Etsy, to your own website to creating email lists and sales funnels. This is a training that easily could have sold for thousands of dollars with all the valuable information they teach. Such an amazing value for the $27 a month they charge.

Now if you don’t like the idea of the monthly fee or you are wondering what to do with products if you cancel, there is a solution. You can buy out the products. Right now you can purchase the entire library for $297 – there are literally hundreds of products. Or if you prefer to do a single product you can purchase for $27. The customer service is unmatched so definitely reach out if you are looking to purchase a group of products. It’s definitely worth trying for a month to see what you think. You won’t be disappointed.

Here is a look at the portal. Each drop down has a ton of PLR products. Save time and consider PLR, its the best way to add products to your store fast. 

Best PLR Products for Etsy
Private Label Rights digital products
PLR digital products

I’m admittedly kind of obsessed with Evelyn and Jessa because they have such giving hearts. The information they give away for free is invaluable. If you are just starting out on a digital products, or KDP  (yes all interiors will upload perfectly on KDP), this is a membership you don’t want to miss out on. Part of me wanted to keep this to myself, but there is plenty of room out there in digital products, KDP and coaching, there is no need to keep it as my own Secret Weapon. 

Is PLR right for my digital products store?

Private label rights products can save you so much time. You definitely want to change some things like fonts, color schemes and covers to make them your own, but the time saving in creating tables, graphs, schedules etc. is a game changer. Secret Weapon PLR has the highest quality most relevant PLR products on the market. So if you choose go this route, this membership is the going to be a great fit. 

Why should I listen to these people?

I mentioned Evelyn Weiss and Jessa Bellman before and if you are unfamiliar with them, you should definitely check them out. Evelyn believes in low ticket, high value coaching. She has memberships starting at $7, $49 per month and her mini membership for $777. She gives very high value for a price that people who are just starting can afford. She truly has a heart of gold.

Jessa Bellman has 18 successful Etsy stores and coaches people to be successful on the platform. Her designs power

 PLR, and she is a genius with design. She is so patient and teaches how to make your Etsy store successful. If you are struggling on Etsy, I highly recommend her course Etsy Superstar. It takes you from opening your store, optimizing it, to adding products to get the most from the Etsy algorithm. Jessa also teaches market and keyword research and optimizing listings for sale. This is a game changer if you are just starting out, or struggling with getting your Etsy store off the ground. Go check it out!

Best PLR Products for Etsy Private Label Rights digital products PLR digital products Etsy course Optimize your etsy store

Take a look at some of the products I have created from the membership here. Make sure to grab my FREE Affirmation Cards that I created with the help of Secret Weapon! Click here

Well that is enough of my gushing over the Secret Weapon PLR for today, but go give it a shot and let me know what you create from it! Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. 


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